15 Outfit mistakes you are probably making.

Among these 15 outfit mistakes you are probably making, you might find one you are guilty of. Because there are certain types of people that live a life of ignorance, and feel they owe no one an explanation especially on how they dress. But, if you aren’t that type, then you will want to keep reading.

Wearing whites that’s no longer white.

Wearing white clothes brings out the brightness in you, it reflects and makes you stand out wherever you are. But when it has lost its brightness, it becomes dull and you become dull as well when you wear it. Try using bleaching agents or strong stain removing detergents when washing them. Or you can finally say goodbye to them.

Ripped, frayed and faded clothes.

Everyone has their favorite outfit that we tend to wear every week, forgetting that it will fade or even rip off. In case of fading, you just have to let go. If ripped, your tailor can do some magic to fix it, or cut off some frays or loose threads.

Unironed clothes.

Ironing can be stressful especially on a tight schedule and most people ignore it. I’m also a culprit, ironing is not my thing. Wearing wrinkled clothes is not a way out either. It makes you look unrefined and crazy. Fold your clothes neatly before keeping in the wardrobe or hang it to avoid having them squeezed. Sometimes you can’t just escape because there are fabrics that has to be ironned once they are washed…. Sorry sweetie.

Overdoing the jewelries.

Some women are jewelry freaks. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But when you overdo it you end up looking like an Egyptian or Indian goddess. Especially on fields that doesn’t require such. Speaking of an Indian goddess, you won’t find an Indian woman wearing tons of jewelry to the office all in the name of customs and tradition. A simple chain necklace will just be fine.

Wearing inappropriate footwear.

Wrong dressing, wrong shoes at the wrong place. This is common amongst men. Wearing a sports shoe to the office, or the Church. This is so out of place.

Oversized or undersized outfits.

When you go shopping, you tend to set your eyes on a particular jean trousers or a top that you can’t let go! But….. it’s not your size oooppss…. Your tailor can make some adjustments if possible, or else just let go. Outfits that doesn’t fit can make you uncomfortable because it can rip off especially when they are undersized.

Using hair accessories like bracelets.

Girls!Ladies! Women! I’m talking to you. A lot of bracelets are lying there in the jewelry store waiting to be owned by you, and here you are replacing them with hair accessories. It makes one look childish. These are the little mistakes we make in our comfort zone and we sometimes take out to large events without noticing.

Shoes that doesn’t fit.

A pain in the leg is like a pin in the ass, especially If the shoes are undersized. They can be so uncomfortable that you find yourself pulling off your shoes anytime you sit. When you lose your shoes at night….sweetie it’s not a Cinderella fairy tale, you are either drunk or you wore an oversized shoe…..period. When you buy shoes, test them before purchasing them.

Transparent fabrics.

Some fabrics can be deceiving when you look through them in a room with dim light. And when you step out of the house, BOOM!! They reveal their nature. When you wear such fabrics wear leggings underneath it.

Rolling up sleeves in a messy way.

Rolling up sleeves can be sexy for men. Especially when you loosen 2 buttons and expose that masculine chest a little,but only if the sleeves are neatly and properly folded.

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Dress according to the weather.

Nigeria is a temperate region, northern Nigeria to be precise. For the sake of fashion, you find people dressing out of point. Wearing cardigans, jackets during hot season or wearing sleeveless or short outfits during cold seasons. You can sweat buckets on a hot day or freeze on a cold day. Your health matters too.

Visible bra straps.

Visible bra straps are non-negotiable in a professional setting. Revealing bra straps do speak ill of you. It’s like a blind woman who just got dressed up in the dark. This is not an argument that makes one right or wrong, it’s about having your undergarments covered. I remember this saying, “Nigeria is bigger than Africa” which means , your undergarments at not in place. If you find it difficult to cover your bra straps, just opt for strapless bras.

Showing up with wet hair.

It means you were in a rush to get out of the house or you are lazy. You can escape if it was on a rainy day. If not, then put that blow dryer to work.

Taking leggings as you normal pants

15 outfit mistakes you are probably making.

This is all the fault of yoga pants. Leggings are attractive,but when we mistake it for a fully formed bottom in themselves you are wearing it wrong. Wear tops that doesn’t expose your belly. The point is that you keep your backside from slapping people in the face.

Unkempt facial hair.

Boyfriends, hubbies, and gents! When facial hairs are well shaved and carved beautifully you have yourself starring at your spouse all day. But bushy facial hair. The important part is “BUSHY”, it makes people create this negative perception about you. Like the looks of a terrorist, thug, fugitive.


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