6 skincare mistakes you are probably making.

As it is said, “looking good is good business”. But even in real-life business, there are risks involved, so also, in beauty and skincare. It’s great to get a working skincare routine, but that depends on the decisions you make subsequently. The wrong decisions you make might put your skin in serious jeopardy even when you use the best skincare products. I’m going to share with you 6 skincare mistakes you are probably making, and if you are making any one of them, try as much as possible to stop it.

Over exfoliation

I was once a victim of over-exfoliation. Though it happened way long time ago, I didn’t have much experience with skincare. I mixed body scrub(turmeric, oats, yeast, and honey). I scrubbed my whole body with it every single day, WOW!! That was so cruel of me, to my skin actually, lol. Thinking of it gives me goosebumps. Want to know the results? I had rashes on my skin, including my face. Painful, they were, if I had light skin, it would be red. In the case of chemical exfoliants, you find some people using a glycolic acid exfoliant, a glycolic acid toner, a benzoyl peroxide cream for acne treatment, a retinol serum and all sorts of cell turnover ingredients. To make it worse, they use it every day. After removing the dead skin cells, you leave behind fresh and tender skin.

Exfoliating this tender skin can only cause pains, redness and irritation. You end up blaming the products, yes it’s the products, but it’s because you don’t know how to use them properly. Exfoliate once to twice a week. Don’t use a lot of active ingredients in your routine. Just target a specific skincare concern or issue, and be gentle on your skin.

Layering your products inappropriately.

It’s one thing for one to afford to buy 6-7 skincare products, it’s also another to know how to layer them correctly so that the skin can reap its benefits. You can as well waste your money, time, and efforts, but no results. Just because you don’t know how to layer them. The correct order to layer skincare products is cleansing, toner, essence, serum, moisturizer, oils, lastly sunscreen. If you don’t use essence in your routine, then apply serum first then moisturizer. The serum is made up of tiny molecules so that it can penetrate deep into the pores. Moisturize, then seal with oils aka occlusive. Sunscreens are the body guards, they are always the last.

Sleeping with make up on.

6 skincare mistakes

I once had a client that came to me for a makeup beat, she had clear skin. I finished her makeup and she left for a photoshoot. She came back the next day and guess what? The makeup was still on her face WHAT!!!! Believe me, I felt it in my bones how her skin was complaining, she didn’t even take off her false eyelashes. lol… I had to take off the old makeup before doing a new one. I noticed one thing, there were breakouts on her face that weren’t present the previous day. Just one night, but it made such negative changes on her face. When you make that a habit it can create a ruckus on your face, you will age faster. Double cleansing is the best way to remove makeup from your face. First, an oil cleanser to dissolve all the makeup, then use a face wash to properly cleanse the skin.

Picking on your zits.

6 skincare mistakes

When you wake up in the morning and look into the mirror, and then you see this pesky pimple on your face. The next thing that comes to mind is to pop it out. It’s difficult to ignore a pimple on the face, and when you squeeze them, they leave scars and black spots. Instead of picking on them, just use a hot compress. Repeat process 3 – 4 times a day. It will break on its own and heal without any fuss.

Using organic oils as sunscreens.

Most organic oils indeed have SPF, but it’s not enough to protect your skin from the UVA and UVB rays. A minimum of SPF-15 Is required to protect the skin, I will go for Spf 30 and above.

Let’s take a look at some oils and their Spf.

Coconut oil – 4-5

Olive oil – 7.5

Carrot seed oil. – 38-40

Shea Butter. – 6

Raspberry seed oil 40

Ohhh!!! Raspberry and carrot seed oil have Spf of more than 15 so I can use it as a shield from the sun. NO and NEVER!! Don’t try that. In a study, it shows that organic oils can’t be used as sunscreens. Just get a broad-spectrum sunscreen to absorb both UVA and UVB rays. And make sure to reapply after 2hours of exposure to the sun.

Not cleaning your makeup brushes.

6 skincare mistakes

Just when you thought you have it all, but at the end, you realize that you are exactly where you started. That’s what happens when you don’t clean your makeup brushes because you think you have perfect skin. Honey, you are so wrong. There can be bacteria build-ups on your brushes and beauty sponges. And when you use it on your skin there can be a lot of unimaginable disasters on your “perfect skin”. Clean them at least once a week.

Hope this was helpful.

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