9 different uses of a Beauty blender .

When I first came across beauty blender, the only thing that I could think it could be used for is for applying loose or compact powder. But along the way, I found out it could be used to apply almost every make up product. It is the most diverse tool in our make up kit. Here I have 9 other uses of beauty blender you never know.

Fixing cakey makeup.

On a sunny and stressful day, your foundation tends to wear off due to oiliness and sweat. To fix such issues, use a blotting paper to soak up excess oil then apply a dot of foundation on the beauty sponge, apply on affected areas then blend gently in stippling motions. It’s always good to have a beauty sponge in your purse to fix such emergencies.

Apply primer on beauty sponge to avoid using too much products.

Add a drop or 2 of primer on your beauty sponge before applying foundation. This will act as a barrier that prevents the product from getting absorbed into the sponge. It also creates a perfect finish as the primer helps smoothen your pores.

Exfoliate dry flaky skin.

There are times when you take a close look at yourself in the mirror you will see flaky patches on your face, especially around the mouth. What to do? Add a drop of oil to your makeup sponge and in a circular motion rub all over your face. The beauty sponge exfoliates and removes the dead skin cells while the oil adds hydration and shine to your skin.

Applying liquid highlighter

It can be tricky when it comes to applying liquid highlighter and cream blush. But when you get it right, the final look is a natural sweet looking finish. Just spray a mist on the sponge, put a little highlighter on the damp sponge, spread evenly, and then in a dabbing motion apply on the high points of your face. Don’t forget to blend well to give your skin a sweet glow.

Baking your makeup.

9 beauty blender uses

The elliptical shape of a make-up sponge makes it easy to apply your loose powder especially near the corners of the eye. Using the pointed side of the sponge, apply and bake your under eyes in a stippling motion and other areas you want to bake. After some time, clean off the excess to give you a flawless finish.

Blot excess oil.

If you get oily during the day, like me, and you don’t have access to a blotting paper, and toilet paper can be rough on your face. Just use a beauty sponge, press it on your skin as it absorbs the oil.

Remove excess blush and highlighter.

No one is above mistake. It happens even to the professionals. Just use a clean makeup sponge (damp of course). Press into your skin to pick up the excess blush or highlighter.

For full coverage foundation.

9 beauty blender uses

You know they always say use a damp sponge for easy foundation application. But if you have a working skincare routine especially the moisturizing step, there won’t be any need to wet your sponge. Use a dry sponge to apply foundation in a dabbing motion to give you full coverage. Because a damp sponge lifts off your foundation from your skin thus, making you use more product to give you full coverage.

CAUTION!!! Don’t drag your sponge while applying foundation, because lifting your foundation is inevitable when you use that method.

Why your foundation routine fails!

Clean your beauty blender.

Before you start your makeup routine for the day, make sure to start with a clean sponge. After implementating, any of the 8 beauty blenders hacks above the least you can do to show appreciation to your sponge is to wash it. Get your makeup brush cleanser or soap, rub on it, squeeze and massage with your fingers to remove the dirt, then rinse with warm water. Repeat the process if it’s not squeaky clean. Squeeze out excess water, use a dry towel to soak up the water. BOB’s your uncle!!! (As simple as that)

Hope this was helpful.

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