Outfits you shouldn’t wear to the airport.

With each passing day, we look forward to refining our fashion game especially for every destination and life’s different events where it’s the office, airport, or wedding ceremony. The feeling of wanting to look classy while going to the airport by wearing high heels and jewelry can be awesome until you get tired of waiting in the line, or being flagged for extra screening due to that jewelry. I will be sharing with you some of these airport outfit ideas you should put in mind when traveling.

Bracelets and necklaces

These will certainly off the metal detector. Some bracelets bracelets can only be removed by using a screwdriver to unscrew them and this is a major setback for you. Sometimes you know that you are clean but those metal detecting gadgets can make you suspect yourself. I suggest you wear jewelry after you have passed security screening.

Outfit mistakes.


Don’t wear shoes that are difficult to remove. Because when you get to the security line, you have to pull them off and keep them in the screening bin, before you walk through the metal detector. Imagine wearing a gladiator sandal with lots of straps or buckles, you will surely cause a delay on the line. Slip-on shoes are the best footwear for an airport security checkpoint.

Loose garments


Maxi dresses and skirts, bulky sweatshirts, and loose garments worn for religious purposes are not a crime. But this kind of outfit will draw the attention of security agents. Because they might think that your outfit is for hiding contraband.

Cargo trousers

This trouser comes in handy when you don’t want to hold a purse. Because it has all the pockets to accommodate all the items you will keep in a purse. This is not an airport-friendly outfit. With the myriad of pockets, you will forget some keys or lighter in one of the pockets.

Hair accessories.

Bobby pins and metallic hair clips can set off the metal detector. Skip the pat-down by getting decked up after the screening.




Jackets, coats, hooded sweatshirts must be removed before going through the metal detector. It’s not bad to wear them, because you’re trying to seek warmth due to the weather. Just don’t forget to remove them when you get to the security screening line.


If you wear pants that don’t hold you, then don’t wear them at all, as you will be needing a belt to get it to hold. To avoid having your trousers fall off when you remove your belts, opt for belt free bottoms. Even if your belt doesn’t have a metallic clasp, you will still have to take it off because it’s standard protocol.

These tips are not just for ladies but men too. Avoid embarrassment by checking your outfit when going to the airport. Hope the was helpful. Thanks

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