The difference between concealer and foundation

As a makeup artist, you need to know the difference between these two, concealer and foundation. Raise your hands if you have always thought that concealers and foundations are the same thing (wow!! There are a lot of hands). Okay, ….clears throat) first of all, these two are cosmetic products that are applied to the skin usually to change the skin tone. Keep reading to find out more about the differences.





Right from birth,I mean their fomulation, there are differences made. Talk about their consistency, concealers are much thicker than foundations. This is because foundation is meant to be applied all over the face so that there will be easy spreadability. Concealers are applied to smaller areas of the face like the under eye, chin and forehead.



Still on fomulation, concealer has more heavier pigment compared to foundation. This is because concealers, even from the name ‘conceal’ are used to hide spots, blemishes and dark circles, therefore more pigment is needed for such purpose.

Why your foundation routine failsWhy your foundation routine fails.



Foundation is used as a base for your makeup whereas, concealers can’t be used for that purpose. Even though some content creators do otherwise i.e use concealers in place of foundation, but it’s all part of creativity but if you look at it it’s not cost friendly, as you will need a lot of product to get your desired base. So, foundation first as a base and not concealer.

Consider your skin tone

When purchasing these two, one thing to consider is your skin tone. For foundation, always go for your exact shade , your natural skin tone. While for concealers, always choose shades that are slightly lighter and darker than your skin tone,for highlighting and contouring. Another purpose of these two is that, foundation is an underlying shield for your makeup. It evens out your skin tone. While concealers help create dimension to the face through highlighting and contouring.

Size of container.

If you notice the sizes of the containers these two comes in, you will find out that concealers are always in smaller containers. This is because they are used on small areas to take care of some imperfections. While foundations comes in larger containers because they serve a bigger purpose. Hope this was helpful.

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