4 cool ways on how to deal with embarrassing moments.

I’m sure that everyone has in one way or another got to deal with an embarrassing moment in their life. There are many embarrassing moments to choose from. Let me tell you a little story about my embarrassment that happened not long ago. This happened at a wedding, my uncle’s wedding. When of all moments my shoes, stilettos actually(in a lower tone)…. had to choose to spoil (rolls eyes, …how embarrassingggg). There was no way out, I had to remove them and walk to my seat, and remained in my seat. How did I overcome this devil called embarrassment? We will discuss that later.

Like I said earlier, there are different embarrassing moments to choose from.

  1. Period stains.
  2. Ripped off clothes and exposing your body.
  3. When your fly is open (open zippers).
  4. When you Dress elegantly and then fall off.
  5. As a man,you try to talk to a lady and she speaks rudely to you in public.
  6. Pushing a waiter/waitress while trying to serve food.

Here i have 4 amazing ways to deal with these embarrassing moments you can encounter in your life.

Accept your embarrassing moment.

The truth is that when I messed up, at that moment the only thing that I could think of is that the earth opening and swallow me. I looked normal though, but I was battling with some thoughts in my head. Since it was a family occasion a lot of relatives were there. There was no way I will nail myself to that chair. I couldn’t apologize to anyone but myself because it was my shoes and not that I pushed a waiter/waitress in a restaurant. I Just borrowed shoes from my sisters and cousins around, I try to be snappy and return their shoes to them. And that was it! I owned up to the fact that I can’t be that “classy me” that I wanted in high heeled stilettos because the plan flopped. And thank goodness family was there to save the day, how sweet (smiles).

15 outfit mistakes.

Try and move on.

Once you have accepted your situation, don’t always live in that moment. If you pushed a waiter trying to serve food to a customer, apologize and don’t over apologize,because you might sound a bit awkward. Pay for the damage if it makes you feel better. If its the case of wardrobe malfunction and it happened in public, that will be a bit difficult to get over but not impossible. Like the saying goes, ” a problem shared is half solved”. Talk to a friend or sibling, one who won’t criticize you. If it was me I would say, “Sweetie, it wasn’t intentional and things like that happen, I’m sure all those people have forgotten whatever it is that happened, don’t worry you will be fine”. And then I would give you a hug. You will feel a bit relaxed I assure you.

No one is judging you.

Deal with embarrassing moments

When we worry a lot about our screwups, we also think that other people do. Guess what? They are too busy worrying about their flaws that they don’t have the time to bother about you. It just takes a few minutes and they have forgotten. Some might even sympathize with you because this is something that can happen to anyone. I know that others will want to make a big deal about it but WHO CARES? It will be foolish to make fun of someone’s disaster.

Time heals everything.

Whatever situation you face whether it’s the pain of losing a loved one, getting dumped by your lover or an embarrassment, it will always be fine with time. You might try to deal with it at that moment but after the incident, it will keep lurking in your head. As a man you approach a beautiful lady and she speaks rudely to you in public, you can try to control the situation at that moment, but it will be a threat on your ego. “Who the hell does she think she is?” Believe me with time you will get over it. Just tell yourself that you are not the first this happened to and neither will you be the last. So f**k it!!. Life goes on.


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