The Tucking rule: Detailed guide to front tuck, front tie, full tuck, loose tuck and no tuck.

Tucking is a fashion trend that has been existing since forever. When you tuck in it makes you look smart and well defined, that’s why it’s a major trend in office outfits. It fits slimmer ladies especially those with flat bellies. It’s not strictly for them, because ladies with protruded bellies are not left behind. And in this post, I will be sharing with you the different tuck-in styles for different body sizes and how to do it. Here I present to you, the front tuck, front tie, full tuck, loose tuck and the don’t tuck.

Front tuck.

You can also call it the half-tuck. When it comes to tucking your top, the one thing to consider is the size of the top you will be using. Because the idea behind this is to visually create a midsection or waist rather than leaving your body visually one long line. So, go for thinner tops that are not too long and thick, you don’t want to create a pouch effect beneath your belly. You can pair such tops with high waist jean or skirts.

How to do it.

Doing a half-tuck can be a little tricky. Just grab the front middle of your top and tuck it in. The hip bone should be an endpoint. Don’t tuck all the way to your hips, you don’t want to create an effect of a full tuck when someone sees your front view. Loosen it a bit.

When you are using a buttoned top for a half tuck, just divide the shirt into two,don’t button all the way down. Leave at least 2 buttons opened, tuck in one half and leave the other untucked. Let it be loose, and not too tight.

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Full tuck.

Do you remember how you wore your school uniforms back in the days? YES, we tuck in our shirts so that we can look smart. When someone says, “tuck in” there’s no way around it, it’s always a full tuck. This is common in both genders. There are days when I want to look more tailored, so I pick outfits that will be suitable for a full tuck. This makes you look smart, defined, serious and exquisite. WOW!! This always works with high waisted bottoms and slim tops. Some high waisted bottoms have waistlines that you can’t resist the urge to expose them, because they are meant for such purposes. As a lady, don’t do a full tuck with a low waisted bottom or an oversized chunky top.

Different tuck in styles

The loose tuck.

The plus-sized women with a protruded belly are not left behind In this tucking trend. And even more interesting, pregnant women that don’t let their guard down in fashion. Don’t just wear that shirt without giving your body some definition.

How to do it.

Different tuck in styles

Do the normal full tuck, but it shouldn’t be too tight. Loosen the tuck so that it can create a space to hide the belly. This works well with big shirts.

Front tie.

Different tuck in styles

This is easy to do. It can be done with thinner t-shirts, tank tops. Let’s say, I want to go for an evening walk, or visit a friend In the hood,this means I want something casual. One of the best ways I rock this is by pairing it with leggings and a see-through boyfriend jacket and a quick knot on my tanktop or t-shirt. You can use any jacket of your choice. Don’t tie your top if it is thick because it will create a gigantic knot and that will be unattractive. Always pair with high waisted bottoms, so that you can bring attention to your waist and not your hips at least you will have more material to work with. I love it more when the knot is on the side and not in the middle.

Don’t tuck.

Different tuck in styles

There are days I don’t want to tuck in at all. But it can be for some reasons because the top cant be tucked in e.g if it’s a peplum top, or has some band at the bottom, or a cropped top. What if you wear a shirt dress, you know you can’t tuck it in right? In some cases, it’s about the bottoms, don’t tuck if your trousers are lower just like the one in the picture below.

If you have any questions please feel unrestricted to ask, and let’s continue the discussion in the comments.


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