Everything you need to know about baking and setting in makeup.

Powder application is one important step in makeup application. Every lady is aware that no make up is complete without powder. Powders are typically used as the last sealing step for complexion products i.e concealers and foundations. There are techniques of powder application which are baking setting.

What is setting?

Setting your makeup with powder is a light application of powder with either a brush or beauty sponge on the face. Usually after applying your complexion products with the aim of bringing light to the face and reduce greasy shine.

What is baking?

I can imagine the term “baking” as a method of cooking. But it is a technique in the world of makeup. Baking refers to using an extra amount of loose powder that can be seen as a build up on the skin. It is left for about 20 minutes,so that your body heat makes the foundation and concealer bond with the powder. Since baking takes time compared to setting, then the is the time to do your eye makeup since this method can catch eyeshadow fallout then you can dust off the excess powder to avoid having harsh lines.

Who needs baking?


If you always have issues with your concealer and foundations creasing or sliding, then baking is for you girl!! And if get oily easily even with mattifying primers, this is also for you especially the forehead, underage, nose, chin. Translucent or light tint loose powders can do the job. It can be stressful to use compact powders to bake because it requires a generous amount of powder compared to setting in which both loose translucent, light tint and compact powders can be used. Hope the was helpful,let’s continue the conversation in the comments.


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