First impression make up looks.

Judging a book by its cover is what people do. A glance of 3-4 seconds is enough for someone to create his/her impression about you when they meet you for the first time. Everything from height, body size and dressing can affect their opinion on you. You will agree with me that makeup can play a role on the impression you make on others depending on the circumstance. The eye-catching and sexy look you rock on a fist date might be hazardous for a job interview of your dream job. Here I have analysed a number of looks suitable for life’s different first meetings.

Meeting a BFFs friend.

Maybe a Bff’s old university or secondary school girlfriend suddenly gets back to town. And this new friend will earn a good spot in your gang. That means there’d be a girl’s night out and you will want to make a long-lasting positive impression on your friend’s friend. Not just with a pleasant welcome both with your looks as well. Create a classic cat-eye look. This is a well-known makeup look, that will add to your charms and that will make your bestie’s pal want to be your very good friend. This look goes well just as during the day time or at night. Just add a more dramatic look to your cat eye with an elaborate wing if it’s in the night. I assure you that this will definitely work out for you.

First date make up look.

No matter what a makeup freak you are, I mean the bold lips, the smokey eye are not suitable for your first date night. Nowadays, men don’t always like women with lots of makeup, they feel that she’s fake. You might scare him away if you appear with makeup like a club dancer. Impress your aspiring love interest with an effortlessly natural look that is soft and feminine. Be yourself. First dates are the moments you get in touch with your feminine side. Use a coat or two of an eye-opening mascara, be soft on the brows, a layer of foundation, blush, and lip gloss to finish off the look. Trust me, your eyes and lips will be the only thing shinning that night. This will make him want to go for a first date night kiss.

Meeting the parents.

I’m sure that first date makeup tip worked for you, and now “I have a boyfriend!!!” Congratulations! Now is the time to meet your boyfriend’s folks. Earlier you made all efforts to impress the son with your irresistible looks on the first date. Sometimes it’s easier to impress an employer than a future mother in law….lol. You will want to emulate the “you can trust me” best-choice-for-your-son-vibe. Dark circles can make you look like a witch, so hide them with a concealer of your exact skin tone. No dramatic wing eyeliners, but a simple smudge-proof eyeliner. Top off your look with pink lipstick and blush.

First impression makeup looks

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Most employers tend to see women who wear makeup as competent and serious compared to those that go bare-faced. One thing to note is that interviews are not a good time to experiment with your makeup and hairstyling skills. Make sure your foundation is perfect. Give yourself a soft contour ( use a powder contour palette). Use neutral toned eyeshadow colors, something that will give you a natural eye look. Forget the cat-eye looks, use a soft black liner close to the lash line and mascara to set off the eyes. No bold red lips! No lip gloss! You are not there to distract or seduce your interviewers. Use a nude matte lipstick to finish off your look. One last tip, Always put up a smile.

Hope this was helpful.


  1. Xtima

    As a guy, I probably be thinking what in the world brought me here. It’s all about mascara, eye browsing lashes lip sticking beauty skinning etc. I also want to be represented. #menbeautymatters#

    1. marilyna

      I’m very sure it’s because you want to see some of the makeup looks so that you can advice your female friends, and even refer them to this page. Lol

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