How to take care of your skin during winter/harmattan.

This is my favorite season of the year. The cold, the cuddling, it’s all comforting. I’m not the only one who enjoys this weather, but the question is, have you ever imagined the havoc it can wreak on your skin? The sweet dry cold air that robs your skin of its natural moisture leaving it super desert dry and even worse, itchy. People with eczema and psoriasis prone skin are more likely to be affected by this weather. In this post, I will be sharing with you 8 tips on how to take care of your skin during winter/harmattan .

Avoid long hot showers.

It’s crazy to tell someone to shower with cold water( I won’t either ) health-wise it’s not advisable. But it’s even more tempting to shower with burning hot water and staying longer in the bathroom. The hot water will strip your skin of its natural moisture leaving you dry. Use lukewarm water to bath, pat your body dry and slather on that body moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid and ceramides to help keep the moisture barrier intact and prevent dryness, and don’t forget to use a hydrating lip balm to moisturize your lips.

Stay away from skincare products that are irritating.

This is harmattan/winter, so it’s advisable to switch to non-irritating products. Stay away from products that contain alcohol, fragrance, witch hazel especially in cleansers and toners. Go for cream or gel-based cleansers, the ones that will help retain moisture while taking off dirt and makeup.

Drink up.

The weather is cold and one even forgets to drink water because you don’t even get thirsty. And you hardly sweat, so the only genuine way to excrete it is via urine, so it’s stressful to be running a marathon to the bathroom to pee. So, I’d rather not take a lot of water. This is the season when you need all the moisture you can get. Even if it means robbing the ocean of its moisture, please do (just kidding…lol ). Drink water, a lot of it, if you can’t, then take teas like ginger and lemon tea, fruit juices, and vegetables. This will help you stay hydrated from the inside.

Easy with the exfoliation.

If you exfoliate 2-3 times a week, then Sis,this is the time when you have to bring it down to once a week. Your skin barrier is already compromised due to the dry cold weather. This will help better product absorption and boosts skin regeneration ability.

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Moisturize your hands.

Have you ever wondered why your hands run dry quickly? That’s because your hands has fewer oil glands, thus, making moisture escape quickly. Use a moisturizer all the time.

Don’t forget the feet.

Cracked heels are a symbol of harmattan. Exfoliate the skin around the feet, scrub your heels daily to avoid having dirt reside there. Apply petroleum jelly then wear socks. If possible, always wear covered shoes to keep your feet warm and moist.

Wear sunglasses.

This is for those that leave in places where snow falls heavily or when the atmosphere is too dusty. These can affect the skin around the eyes, as we all know how tender it is. In this season, you will see how the dust settles on eyelashes and makes you look horrible, not forgetting the ones that will get into your eyes. It can irritate the eyes and its environs, causing fine lines,spots and other unimaginable issues. Get good quality sunglasses to protect your eyes.


Harmattan/winter skincare tips

I can’t believe that she’s asking me to leave the warmth and coziness of my blanket and go to the gym in this cold breezy morning. It sounds impossible but,if you love your skin, it’s possible. In this season the sweat glands and oil glands in your blood vessels and body constrict. This can be difficult for the skin to keep itself glowing naturally. Exercise will help pump your heart rate, thus , pumping more blood to your organs and skin.

Hope this post was helpful? Let me know in the comments the ones that you are guilty of not doing.


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