8 tips for healthy hair growth.

A lot of women are gifted with long hair since creation. Especially the Indians. Here in Nigeria, we have the fulani, and the shuwa Arabs, I must say that they are lucky. As for the rest of us it requires great efforts, patience and changes in our haircare routines. If you are getting discouraged because your hair is not progressing as you want, then check out these tips for healthy hair growth that I’ll be sharing with you.

Get frequent trims.

WHATTT!!! WHY Will I trim my hair when I’m trying to grow it fast? Calm down, sweetie…just read ahead. There’s something called split ends which always occurs at the tip of the hair. If you don’t trim the tip of the hair, it goes down to the rest of the hair length, it becomes to late for you to save the hair. The next thing that happens is hair breakage. You can grow your hair back in a week but not much. Here’s the maths: the hair grows at the rate of 0.35mm a day, 2.45mm a week, ¼ inch a month i.e 1cm. That’s great progress. You can’t do anything to speed up this rate, because it is set according to your genetics.

Don’t keep hair braids for long

Braiding your hair is beautiful, it brings out the real you (if that makes sense…lol). But keeping it for up to a month or even more is suicidal to hair health. When you want to treat your hair avoid Tiny braids, go for bigger ones or even switch to wigs.

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Use hair mask.

I love a DIY hair mask. It is very beneficial for hair growth. My favorite is the aloe vera hair mask.

Ingredients includes 2 aloe vera leaves,2tbsp coconut oil. Extract the aloe gel and mix with coconut oil, apply on the hair from tips down to the scalp. Massage in circular motion for 3-5minutes, cover with a shower cap. Rinse and wash with shampoo after an hour.

Be careful when you comb wet hair.

Whenever you want to comb your wet hair, especially when it’s natural, you need to be cautious. Use a wide-tooth comb, start from the tips to gently loosen the knots and make your way down, and brush the hair underneath as well.

Avoid using heat styling tools.

Healthy hair growth routine

We all love to have those amazing curls or perfectly straight hair, but it comes with a price you have to pay. Go easy with the heat styling tools on your hair, it’s almost impossible to do away with it completely, but it won’t hurt to go once in a while. After washing your hair reduce the temperature of the blow dryer and always use a heat protectant or you risk damaging your hair leading to breakage and frizz.

Eat healthy food.

Sometimes it’s not always about what we apply topically,but what we eat as well. Foods rich in proteins example fish, meat, nuts, whole grains. Vitamins C, E and Zinc& Iron. Women who don’t get enough of these foods experience more hair fall as a result.

Stop the daily washing.

The thought of having wet hair weekly makes me uncomfortable, but some people find pleasure in washing their hair daily. If you are one of them, please stop. This practice deprives your natural oils from penetrating your hair which allows it to hydrate and repair itself. Wash your hair after 2 weeks.

Add a vitamin to your routine

If you can’t get the right diet for hair, a supplement can make a difference. Get a multivitamin formulated for hair, skin and nails. They contain ingredients like vitamin C, B and biotin.

Healthy hair growth routine

Right now I’m on low cut, but that was what I did when I wasn’t seeing results with my hair. And Alas! I got the results I was looking for. Especially trimming my hair, that was the best thing I did and I don’t regret it.

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    What a wonderful and educational tips which a lot of ladies are missing, pls kip on doing your good job and more grease to your elbows….

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