Hormonal acne; how to take care of your skin.

How to take care of your skin during your menstrual period, should be every woman’s priority in skincare.

One of the most complicated creature in the world is a woman. That there is a time that she has to bleed every month,and becomes a mother,and as time goes on she gets to a stage which is called menopause. If only she attains this stages peacefully,that won’t be a problem BUT________ A lot of changes occurs due to the hormones.Now let’s focus on acne hormones. I’m sure not all women experience oiliness,breakouts before or during their periods. But if you are one of the myriads of women out there who finds themselves breaking out during their period,then you wont want to stop reading.

What hormones are responsible for acne?

hormonal acne; how to take care of your skin

Who is responsible for my acne flare ups? It’s none other than the guy testosterone (a male hormone) which is in smaller amounts in the woman’s body. It still maintains that level all through the month except before or during menstruation. It is then produced in higher amounts than the female hormone which is estrogen. Now that testosterone has its way,the next thing it does is to order the sebaceous glands to pump more sebum i.e oil. Sebum has different effects in different women. It can give a healthy glow for some women and creates some pesky oil slick in others. This oil provides food for P.acnes (a bacteria responsible for acne) which leads to increased breakouts & inflammations. These breakouts often appear around the chin,jawline,side of the face and around the mouth.

Factors that can lead to breakouts.

We all know what causes premenstrual acne,but hormonal changes don’t work alone.

. Workouts: working out is not bad at all,but not taking a shower after that can be disastrous. The dirt and dust particles that settles on your skin could get into your pores. And with an oily skin, you can imagine what the skin will be going through.A good shower can change the game.

Hands: Your hands can harbour all kinds of dirt that can clog your pores. Try to wash your hands before you touch your face or even before applying your skincare products.

Phones: Our phones come in contact with a lot of things we cant even imagine. Clean your phone every now and then to reduce any incident of acne breakouts.

What to do

This relationship between acne and hormones can’t be changed but, there are other options that can help make the breakouts less severe. Such as changing your skincare routine,it can’t be the same throughout the year.

Cleanse: Yeah yeah I know that you cleanse your skin twice a day, but there is twist in this cleansing game.Since at this particular time in your life your skin is acne prone because of too much oil secretion. The next thing to do is to opt for salicylic acid based cleansers. Since salicylic acid can go deep into the pores to unclog them and keep acne at bay.

Moisturise: The fact that your skin produces excess oil doesn’t mean you can’t moisturize. Because the skin has been stripped off its natural oil, it can produce more oil than ever. For oily skin opt for water-based moisturizers formulated with hyaluronic acid because they are lightweight. Stay away from oil -based moisturizers.

Blot: if you notice during the day that you get oily,use blotting papers. Just dab on areas that look shiny,like the forehead,cheeks,nose,chin without ruining your makeup.

Sunscreen:: this is very important. Since we are trying to reduce oiliness on the skin,it will be best to opt for lightweight-water resistant sunscreen like the La Roche-Posay daily SPF.


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