20 best gift ideas for men in 2021.

Shopping for men is almost impossible because they look like “babe, I’m all good, everything is okay.” As a lady, nothing is ever enough, I don’t mind shopping every day if I don’t have to break the bank to do that. When it comes to getting gifts for men, you will have to crack your brain to get the perfect gift for them. Apart from the usual boxers, vests, wristwatches which are cliched gifts, it’s really time for a change. If you are confused about what to get for your son, dad, boyfriend, husband, male friend then you have pressed the right button. I have searched from all angles of the world to find some awesome gifts for the important men in your life. Just chill and read ahead. And when you are done, just go on a shopping spree, surprise your man and wait for the smiles on his face when you get him exactly what he didn’t know he needed.

Best gifts for men

Beard trimmer.

Some men are very hairy and don’t like to keep them. Maybe using shaving sticks can cause bumps on their skin and will prefer using an electric trimmer. Going to the salon 2-3times a week can be a nightmare. Get him a beard trimmer to use at home any time the need arises.

Travel laptop backpack.

If your man is not the “man in suit” type, that has to carry a briefcase to work, then a backpack is a next option.

Best gifts for men

A rechargeable or a set of screwdriver.

This will come in handy especially for those little tasks at home. From checking some spoilt electrical appliances to fixing the door knob.

Best gifts for men

Body butter.

Most men are ignorant about skincare. I would love to have a man or the men around me to be a bit concerned about their skin. If they don’t, get it for them. I’m sure he won’t ditch that body butter that was given to him as a gift, all in the name of ignorance.

Best gifts for men


Do you know the best part of this? Whenever he wears this particular cufflink you got for him, he will always carry you around (his heart). I wish you could see the smiles on his face when he sits alone and looks at them on his sleeve.

Best gifts for men

Neck tie.

If he is the ‘man in suit type’ then he will be needing more of these. Just get them in different colors especially his fave colors.

Best gifts for men

Massage gun.

If you are thinking of getting a gift for your Dad then this is a good one. At his old age, he will always need a massage to relax his muscles. Your mum can always borrow if she promises to help him out with the massage.lol..

Wireless earphones.

Is he the type that loves working out at home? Then this is the perfect gift for him. He can also use it to answer calls while driving.

Best gifts for men

Tee shirt.

These are a go-to for every guy. It’s sexy and comfy. You know he needs simple wear for a walk or being around the house.

Card holder.

We are now in a cashless society and carrying lots of cash around is becoming old-fashioned. As long as you have your ATM card no need for carrying a lot of cash around. This card holder will come in handy not just for his ATM card, but his ID card, business cards, and driver’s license.

Best gifts for men


Scientifically speaking, not all men have the time to change their bedspreads or have several to change weekly. It only comes to their minds when it’s torn. Just surprise him with 4-5 different bedspreads in different colors.

A book.

Do you think men are interested in romantic novels? They feel it’s for us. Get him a book that is a mix of criminal instincts, romance, and betrayal like the James Hardly Chase novel. Or you can get him books about how to tackle some problems in life.

Best gifts for men


I can remember back then when men always thought that sun shades wear for beauty and fashion purposes and meant for women only. But I’m impressed that they erased that mentality and embraced wearing shades as a way of protecting the eye from the sun and dust. Even my Dad wears shades so, it can be a gift for your daddy.

Best gifts for men

Bluetooth speaker.

Men love music and they love listening to it at its highest volume. The truth? They always like being in a party mood. Spice up his partying mood by getting him a Bluetooth speaker. This is a perfect gift for teenagers. You can get this for your son, nephew, or little cousin.

Best gifts for men

Kitchen set.

Order a set of tools for that guy that is serious about cooking. This set of tools will earn a good spot in his kitchen.

Best gifts for men
Best gifts for men

A hoodie in any color

This is the perfect time for such an outfit. A hoodie will spice his winter/ harmattan wardrobe. Get several pieces in his fave colors.


They pretend as if they don’t need it, but believe me, they do. Any man who loves fashion will appreciate a pair of boot in his shoe collection.

15 outfit mistakes.


Men seem to wear socks with almost every type of shoe, even sandals. Encourage his weird socks wearing adventure by getting him more in different colors.

Pocket knife.

HELLOOO!! I’m not trying to encourage violence here,but he knows what to do with it (winks..). A pocket knife engraved with sweet writings or his name is a gift that is thoughtful.

Hair clippers

Most men have their hair clippers at home, not because they will use it themselves, but to avoid clippers every other person uses in the barbing salon. To avoid irritation and transmitted diseases. This is also a great gift for your dad, husband and son.

Hope this was helpful, let me know m the comments section.


  1. Mercy Ndama

    Very educational. I like the kitchen set part. Go girl!

    1. marilyna

      That’s my favorite gift too,but let’s just hope he can cook,lol

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