Perfume hacks: how to make your perfume last all day.

Everyone relishes a spritz of perfume unless you don’t have one, who wouldn’t want to smell nice? This is a rhetorical question. But there are some challenges we face in making perfume smell last longer and we push the blame on the perfume. Sometimes even the most expensive perfumes don’t last longer due to some reasons. Here I will be sharing with you some of these perfume tips and tricks that will make you smell like a million bucks.


After a bath, don’t rub your skin dry with a towel, instead, pat gently with towel so that it doesn’t completely dry. Trap the remaining moisture by rubbing your body moisturizer so that it can serve as a perfect base for your perfume.

Storage method.

A lot of people are fond of storing their perfumes in bathrooms or exposing them to sunlight. Humidity helps to breakdown the bonds in fragrance as well as sunlight. This renders your perfume less strong and won’t last as expected. Keep away from the sun. Always maintain the cute boxes they came in, that will be a perfect store for it.

Perfume tips and tricks

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Apply petroleum jelly on pulse points.

There are certain spots on the body that makes perfume last longer. E.g the wrist, inner arm, behind the knee, back of the ears, the base of the neck around your collar bone, ankles. These parts are the warmest part of the body because the blood pumps right beneath the skin around those points. Apply pet. Jelly on those areas, spritz your perfume. Pet.jelly adds extra hydration and also the ointment in it helps hold the fragrance for a long time.

Perfume tips and tricks

Know the different types of perfumes.

When you purchase perfumes you see things like Eau de Toilette, eau de parfum, Eau de Cologne, extract de parfum. Some of us don’t know what it means, fret not, I was there too. Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne has a low percentage of fragrance usually between 10-15%. It doesn’t have a strong smell and doesn’t last longer either. Some people prefer such fragrances. While Eau de Parfum or Extrait de parfum has higher concentration of fragrance 16-20%, it lasts longer and usually expensive. If you love using different fragrances at the same time and won’t break the bank to get the two, I suggest you layer an Eau de parfum first then an Eau de Toilette. If you are the type that loves using one signature perfume, then go for an Eau de parfum.

Spray your hairbrush.

There is no confidence and comfortability than when you are in the arms of your man and he has his face close to your hair knowing that it smells nice…..that’s a great feeling. Spray your hair with your fave perfume and comb through your hair to help disperse the scent all through your hair. This method is used to help prevent the risk of drying and damaging the hair compared to if it’s sprayed directly on the hair. This is what it means when they say you smell from head to toe.

Don’t rub your wrists.

Just like rubbing body or facial cream, some people rub their wrists together after spraying perfume. If you are guilty of this, then it’s high time you stopped. The friction generated from rubbing your wrists will cause the top notes of your perfume to fade faster and the smell will fade in no time.

Don’t shake your perfume bottle.

Perfume is not an antibiotic suspension that’s labeled “shake well before use”. By shaking it, you expose it to excess air and in turn, speeds up the breakdown of your fragrance. If you are fond of doing that, now is the time for you to stop.

I hope this post was helpful. How else do you make your perfume last longer? Share with us in the comments.


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