How to prevent premature aging.

Every woman wants to look young always but that needs hard work and dedication. There are a lot of mistakes people make that results in premature aging. Especially that part of not wearing sunscreen. Some develop wrinkles in their mid to late 30’s due to carelessness and ignorance. It’s better to prevent the formation of wrinkles than to go for curative measures. Here I have some tips for a youthful-looking skin.

Prevent premature aging sunscreen

Reduce Inflammation.

What first comes to your mind when you hear the word inflammation? It’s a red itchy swelling on the skin. But… I can’t see any swelling on my skin! Yes sweetie, you can’t see it because it’s happening in its deepest layers. Let me give a brief science of it, when inflammation occurs the skin releases MMP Matrix Metallo Protineases. It’s a group of enzymes that eats up collagen and elastin and in the absence of these two,the skin sags and then wrinkles are formed.

Sun exposure, stress, alcohol, pollution, smoking, sugar, harsh ingredients in your skincare products are responsible for inflammation.

Reduce your alcohol and sugar intake. Quit smoking, eat fruits and vegetables, take a lot of food rich in omega 3,or go for omega 3 supplements, check out the ingredients list on skincare products before purchasing them.

Moisturize regularly.

Use hyaluronic acid containing products,as it can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water.

Feed the skin with skin identical ingredients i.e ceramides, collagen and elastin, fatty acids, cholesterols are part of the skin, they help keep the skin’s protective barrier intact. When you age, a big part of it is lost, so use products containing them to reinforce.

Use sunscreen.

I will never get tired of emphasizing this. Don’t say “it’s just 5mins outside ” or “the sun is not shining bright or behind the clouds”. UV rays are the villains in your skincare story. They are responsible for 95% of premature aging.

If mineral sunscreens are not your type, then go for chemical sunscreens with avobenzone as the UV filter. Don’t forget to reapply during the day after 2hrs of sun exposure.

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Use night creams.

I have a special name for them, I call them “The Nocturnal Workhouses“. They are:-

Vitamin C;- they don’t just treat acne or help fade dark spots, but they also help boost sun protection especially when used with vitamin E and ferulic acid. These trios are amazing friends.

Retinoids;- they boost collagen, minimize the appearance of dark spots,accelerate cell turnover, minimize the apperance of wrinkles.

Glycolic acid;- this helps slough off dead skin cells,accelerate cell turnover, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Now there’s the deal…..

It’s best to use them at night because they make the skin more prone to the sun. You can use it during the day only if you promise to apply your sunscreen. You can use the 3 but not in the same routine. Let’s say you are using G.A as an exfoliant, vit C and retinoids as serums. Exfoliate once a week. If you are just starting with the retinoids, start with a lower concentration and use it once a week for 1month, then twice a week for a month, and keep increasing. When it comes to vit C, don’t apply on the same night you use retinoids. That’s if you want to use all 3 at night. But if you chose to use in your a.m routine, then you either use vit.C in the morning and retinoids at night depending on what you chose. The best form of retinoids to use is retinol. If you have sensitive skin then you need to be careful.

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You don’t need to get to 40 or 50s before you start using anti-aging products. The earlier the best. Get on the journey to younger-looking skin. Share the secret with a friend you know who likes looking good always, they would be glad.


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