Things you shouldn’t do with makeup on your face.

85% of women love make up,if not a full face of make up,at least a swipe of lipstick and a layer of mascara on a daily basis. For some women,it’s a creative way to represent their feminism to enhance certain features. But these comes with a consequence……..that is,for our skin,it can be hazardous especially if we embark on certain activities.


things you shouldn't do with makeup on your face

Especially if you have to step out of the house to go to the gym, some women are insecure when it comes to showing their bare face. That soft foundation you apply or lipstick can be bad for your skin. One thing is for sure,you will sweat while exercising that’s inevitable. Exercise makes your skin warm,the sebum and makeup softens and melts into your opened pores and the results….. unimaginable breakouts from HELL.


things you shouldn't do with makeup on your face

It’s okay to wear makeup of course it makes you look classic and elegant, but only on short flights of 60-90 minutes. But flights of up to 10-16 hours,that one can fall asleep? nahhh….no, even for the rule ”don’t sleep with it on”. Being on a flight and even more closer to the sun drains moisture from your skin leaving you dehydrated. This is the time to replace all those lost moisture by using hydrating sheet masks,essences,moisturizers and mists.


things you shouldn't do with makeup on your face

Is wearing makeup while swimming a good idea? I don’t think so at all, even in terms of money saving. Why will i wear makeup only to have it messed up some minutes later, no I don’t buy that. What of our skin’s health? This has pros and cons. On the pros, makeup shields your skin from the effects chlorine will cause on your skin. so it can be a barrier to help prevent some damages that can be caused by chlorine such as irritation. And this shouldn’t be a license for you to wear makeup to the pool, as the cons can be more catastrophic. After swimming, a mixture of makeup products and chlorine can do negative wonders to your skin. Your makeup can be a sticky base for chlorine, and this can lead to premature ageing if not properly removed.

The bottom line; I’d rather not wear makeup at all to swim. I can deal with drying out of the skin but not breakouts and premature ageing.


I’m sure even a 10 year old can explain this. Makeup+ dust =breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads from HELLLL. Wearing makeup and attacking dust particles creates a pile up of products on your skin. Makeup as a guest and dust as another is no different from a comodegenic ingredient. The two together are a perfect recipe for disaster.


I don’t think one should be shy to show their bare face to their man, they must have known how bad or good I look without makeup. Going out on dates is okay, but not during sex. It can easily transfer on sheets and pillows, and also on your man’s face and yours as well making you all look like clowns, lolssss…… If a guy really loves you, he shouldn’t be bothered if you don’t have makeup on.

So tell me a secret…. which of these did you fall a victim to? let me know in the comments.


  1. Aidan


  2. Magdalene bello

    Nice piece

  3. Sylvia

    Absolutely agree. Don’t get why someone would put on makeup just to go sweat it off, and for sex, whatcha hiding? Lol. Great piece

    1. marilyna

      sometimes,it’s insecurity. thanks

  4. Mercy Ndama

    Very beautiful piece. I was guilty of wearing make up, not heavy though, for a long flight and to swim, just once on different occasions.

    1. marilyna

      just use that time to moisturize your skin,it will thank u

  5. Pokopi

    This is educative, thanks for these great tips

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