Why your foundation routine fails!

Have you ever wondered why your foundation routine fails?As in,after applying your foundation and you realise everything is messed up, and the next thing that comes to mind is to wipe everything off? (Shakes head) Too bad. The good news is that there are several ways to avoid having such make up disasters. I will be sharing with you these easy hacks to avoid having cakey foundation.

Always moisturize your skin

Moisturizing is one important step in skin care routine. Whether you are applying make up or not,it’s still very important. Irrespective of your skin type,when you cleanse your face, your skin is deprived of its natural oils and moisture. And when you apply your foundation at that moment it tends to be difficult to blend because you have to use force. At the end it cakes up. Don’t skip a moisturizer,it serves as a base for your makeup.

Why your foundation routine fails!

Dont skip primers.

Primers are lifesavers. They serve as the solid rock on which your whole make up stands on. Invest in a good primer matte or hydrating, depending on what your skin needs.

Skin types & foundation formulas.

Foundations comes in variety of formulas. Powered, creamy, liquid, they go as far as coming in hydrating and matte formulas. If you have dry skin creamy or liquid hydrating formulas will do. Like the Fenty beauty pro filt’r hydrating foundation. There a lot of reviews on it, and they are encouraging. If you have oily to combination skin type, stay away from hydrating formulas if you don’t want to end up shining like you had an oil bath. Stick to powdered or liquid matte formulas.

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Blend! Well

Blending is the masterpiece in any make up application. Using a beauty blender or foundation brush, start blending from the middle and work your way to the outer corners of your face and down to the neck.

Use blotting papers for touch ups.

In the name of touch-ups, some women make the mistake of reducing oiliness by applying the powder directly to shiny areas. Use blotting papers first, dab on shiny areas to soak up excess oil,don’t swipe. With a damp beauty sponge, reapply your make up.

Use a hydrating mist.

I try my best not to use powder to reduce oiliness on my face, but sometimes I fall a victim. No doubt, the powder gets caked up as the skin is already oily on a hot day. What to do? I use a hydrating mist, by giving it one round of a spray it helps dissolve the cakiness by adding moisture to your face and make up, thereby setting your makeup.

Hope this was helpful? Let me know in the comments. What other ways do you deal with cakey foundation.


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